Common Questions and Resources

About ToRead

ToRead is an online educational platfrom that supports highschool students in Lebanon in finding reliable academic resources based on the Lebanese Curriculum in addition to information about universities and scholarships in Lebanon 

No, ToRead is registered by the Lebanese Laws as S.A.R.L company. However, ToRead is considered as a social enterprise since social impact is a core value in our work.

ToRead’s team consist of passionate change makers who want to contribute to making change in the educational sector in Lebanon. You can know more about the team in About Us

ToRead S.A.R.L is an independent platform that is not (and will not be) supported by any political affiliation.

Volunteering with ToRead

ToRead Volunteering Program is a unique opportunity for students to build their skills, be part of a learning environment, and most importantly give back to the community!

All ToRead volunteers will get a certificate of volunteering specifying number of hours spent by the end of the volunteering period (or when requested)

Yes! ToRead will support the volunteer by filling any required form of volunteering requested by university, scholarship foundation, or any other organization

ToRead Volunteering program is based on tasks that needs to be done by the student by a specified deadline. The volunteer has the freedom to finish his/her task at their time convenient.

You can volunteer with ToRead by filling the form on Volunteer

More questions

More FAQs will be added by November 25, 2020. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for any question. 

If you have more questions about ToRead that are not answered here, feel free to send us a message!

Services for students

ToRead supports highschool students in their academic difficulties including applying to scholarships and universities.

No, ToRead supports students from all school sectors in Lebanon (Private, Public, and UNRWA)

Most of the services of ToRead are free of charge for students. However, some programs and premium support may have charging fees which will clearly be indicated.

Services for schools, teachers, and organizations

Schools and other youth organization can tell their students to register at ToRead’s website to benefit from the offered services.

Yes, ToRead offers personalized sessions and content for schools, teachers, and other organizations. More can be found at Services for Institution.

You can find more about ToRead’s services and partnerships on Services for Institutions.

Making a contribution!

Yes, please fill the form in the donate so we contact you and tell you how you can donate through a check

If you made your gift through our website, by bank transfer, or by any other method, you can request to receive a donation receipt by sending us an email on

We like our supporters to be 100 percent in the loop about how ToRead uses donations. Donater can request to have a report on how their contributions were spent. An annual report will show the details about the work of ToRead will be posted by the end of the year

Yes, only if the way to be spent aligns with ToRead’s programs, mission, and vision.

No, ToRead is registered as S.A.R.L company in Lebanon. However, social work is at the core of ToRead’s work.

Mhamad Sharif

CEO & Developer

What do you do in the Company
Work on designing the visuals of ToRead and manage social media accounts.

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Lebanese University.

Favorite Quote:
Your only limit is your mind

Aya Yousef

General Manager

What do you do in the Company
Coordinate with partners and inters, and review the content added to the platform.

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Architecture from the American University of Beirut.

Favorite Quote:
If there’s a will, there’s a way

Hany Anan

CEO & Developer

What do you do in the Company
Manage the administrative work of the company and work on the development of the platform.

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut.

Favorite Quote:
Let us all give the help we wish we had!