LIFE Scholarship


Name in English: LIFE Scholarship (Lebanese International Finance Executives)

Year of Establishment: 2009


Partial / Full Scholarships – but recipients will have to pledge to contribute back the amount(s) disbursed to them within 5 years for postgraduate students and 7 years for undergraduate students, in the form of a contribution to the LIFE scholarship fund in order to benefit the next generation.

Covered Majors and Universities

Covered Majors

Corporate law
Computer science

Covered Universities

American University of Beirut (AUB)
Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA)
Lebanese American University (LAU)
University of Balamand (UOB)
Université Saint-Joseph (USJ)

Eligibility Criteria

Be Lebanese or of Lebanese descent
The applicant will have to demonstrate that s/he holds a Lebanese nationality or have at least 1 parent or 2 grandparents who have the Lebanese nationality
Demonstrated Interest in Pursuing a Career in Finance or finance-related field or the following fields:
Engineering, Computer Science, Corporate Law, and Mathematics

This will have to be established in the initial application/contact and through the interviews. Stated major, previous internships, investment club activity, reading interests, areas of study would be helpful in prioritizing genuine interest.
Be in financial need
LIFE will primarily rely on the financial aid offices of pre-selected universities to assess whether a student has a genuine financial need, based on their internal policies and criteria. This will be complemented by a visit/verification prior to granting the scholarship by the “assistante sociale”. These criteria will act as a screen/filter and, once established, the extent of financial need or distress will not be measured or associated with any further merit or consideration for the applicant.
Achieve and maintain academic excellence (at or above 80th percentile)
LIFE will primarily rely on the financial aid offices of respective schools/universities to assess academic excellence. Applicants have to achieve 80th percentile in their high school or university studies to be eligible for consideration. Scholarship recipients will also be required to maintain or exceed that level to continue to be eligible to receive the scholarship in subsequent years. The actual grade cutoff will be determined in consultation with the universities based on the various grading scales but will always have to correspond to the equivalent of the 80th percentile.
Professional Promise
Eligible candidates who meet requirements 1 through 4 above will go through at least two interviews with members of LIFE’s Nurture Committee.
(i) Essay dissertation – The essay will be on a different subject each year to be determined by the LIFE Nurture Committee.
(ii) Interview – The aim of the interview(s) is to (i) determine the level of ambition, drive, and professional promise of the candidate.

Applying Process

Apply online on:
For LAU applicants, you should also apply to LAU Special Donors’ Grants.

Selection Process

An initial interview with our Scholarship Coordinator
A finance essay
Two interviews with LIFE Nurture Committee members

Required Documents

Details will be added soon

Contact Information

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