Name in English: UNRWA

Name in Arabic: الاونروا

Year of Establishment: 2005


Full Scholarship

Covered Majors and Universities

Covered Majors

Any major of maximum 5 years of study

Covered Universities

Any major of maximum 5 years of study

Eligibility Criteria

All Universities in Lebanon

Applying Process

Students can start applying the day after the official Bac results are issued by the ministry of education. Students have only 2 weeks to complete his online application on the scholarship’s website.

Selection Process

Upon receipt of the applications and confirmation of the data, all applicants are listed according to their grades, from top to bottom. The minimum allowed to apply for a university grant must be at least 60% for any specialty.
Discuss some students’ choices and provide assistance if necessary.
Calculate the cost of study per student.
Student nomination for grants according to availability of funds.
Review the database advisory committee and all applications submitted and then approve
Approval of the Director of Operations of UNRWA and the European Union.
Declaration of final regulations.
Distribution of grants: Grants will be awarded by the Student Advisory Committee according to the highest mark in the initial selection list and according to the availability of funds (which means that the grant unit – UNRWA may not be able to cover all students applying for grants)

Required Documents

A copy of the second baccalaureate (this version can be downloaded online)
A copy of your ID
ID photo
Picture of the nomination card
A picture of the ration card
A copy of the admission of the university
(Only for private school students) A certified certificate from the private school confirms that the student’s study at the school was free with reasons cited

Contact Information

Phone 01/830400
ext: 5217 or 5370
E-mail: scholarships@unrwa.org
Facebook Page: UNRWA – Scholarship Alumni
Working hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 14:45

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